December 3, 2021

Arizona To Florida

Completing the Loop back Home!

Arizona To Florida

Las Cruces, New Mexico

After a quick sleep in Tucson, we headed east! Dion's for lunch! We've blogged about this place before. Happy to report this time we could eat inside and use the restroom!

The Pastrami and Provolone on their original bread with greek dressing, leaves you speechless.

Van Horn, Texas

Our second night we slept in the historic, Hotel El Capitan.  It was originally built in the 1930's.  Later used as a bank.  And then returned to its glory about 15 years ago.


Vintage Carpets and Hallways.

First rate dining and first rate service.

Mitzi loved the old western charm.

And a quick selfie in the lobby that turned out perfect!

San Antonio, Texas

Third night we stayed in San Antonio.  We made plans to meet up with Steve and Sue Davis.  Steve was a childhood friend of Damon's.


Street tacos

We had a wonderful time.

Tres leches

Old friends are treasured!

San Antonio to Baton Rouge

One of the true jewels of Texas is Buc-ees!  We stopped at 3 of them on our drive home.  

Stop one:  We enjoyed Kolache's.

Thought some of our son in laws would like this advertisement.

Second Buc-ee's stop we had lunch.  It's hard to decide on a sandwich, so we bought a few different items and sampled bites on our tailgate. Pastrami on the pretzel roll and the apple pie were the winners!

The variety of goods inside the store, is amazing!

Heading into Louisiana, we cross the mighty Mississippi again.  The pistol rail is interesting!

Baton Rouge to Panama City Beach

The fourth night we spent in Baton Rouge.  The next morning the fog was so thick.

Too classic of a name to not stop.

And one more Buc-ee's stop and shop!


So nice to pull into Wild Heron and find everything as we left it.  We have wonderful neighbors and a massive pile of mail to sort through :)

Mitzi gets right to decorating for Christmas!

We grab some Pho for dinner and do a little grocery shopping.

And no rest for the wary.  So we conclude the night by unpacking Mitzi's sculling boat.  The rowing arms won't come for a few more months, but we are both excited to try it out in the family room :)  

What a wonderful trip!  Over 5,000 miles and 28 days.  What a loop!