June 18, 2023


Spending a treasured week with Maddy on her summer break :)


We met in Seattle!  The airport was a zoo!  We found each other and made our way to downtown to our hotel and a yummy Thai dinner.

Checking out the Seattle Space Needle.  It's cool, cloudly, rainy, and quite the view!

#1 We boarded the Eurodam and loved checking out all the spaces.

Getting some treats and enjoying the views as we pull away from Seattle.  

Enjoying the warm spa beds and some beautiful sunny views!

#2 Today we are at sea.  Maddy on the deck in her PJ's, breakfast, and working out.

We took a painting class today while we cruise to Juneau.  Madalyn's turned out wonderful!  When we went back to pick up our paintings, Maddy's was gone.  So sad!  Someone must have really loved it!

#3 Juneau.  We participate in a food tour and enjoy some shopping.

#4 We cruise up into Glacier Bay.  The colors and glaciers are amazing!

We hit the gym and then went back outside to look at more sights!

The views all day were stunning!

That evening we pull into Icy Strait.  It's remote.  We hop on a bus to explore a large meadow for bears.  We caught one quick glimpse of a large brown bear, but saw a lot of bear poop!  And yes, those men have rifles!

Back on the ship it was past 10 pm but still light.  Maddy teased me about jumping over this light post.  A game her and Brandon would play during her youth.  I personally thought the post looked a little high :). She easily sailed over it!

#5 Sitka.  We took a bus into town to shop and explore.  We find a few yummy treats and a host of really good shops.  This was probably our best shopping experience.

We boarded a small boat to look for some sea animals.  The water was pretty rough and Maddy was not feeling too well.  We saw sea lions, sea otters, eagles...... one even fetched a fish out of the ocean, and our boat captain kept calling out whale sightings....... but we couldn't see them.  2 hours later we landed on Finn Island to explore and enjoy a feast!

The coast line was so beautiful!  The shore was speckled black and white and strewn with large shells, barnicles, and sea flora.   The water was perfectly clear!

More beautiful sights as we leave.

#6 Ketchikan.  Quick morning stop!  A beautiful river and another great meal!  Crab and halibut tacos.

Back on the boat I do lots of sewing, making two otters and a small mole.  Maddy is a reading enthusist!  She read 4 books this week!  We later hit the Neptune Lounge for a treat and I find all kinds of licorice jelly beans!  Oh delicious!

Later we had our best meal on the ship!  

#7 Victoria, Canada.  We hit afternoon tea on the ship and then go ashore at 8 pm for a quick 3 1/2 stop.  We walk 5.5 miles and see beautiful homes, buildings, and shops.

We enjoy one last delicious seafood dinner!  Oysters, A whole Dungeness Crab, and a delicious Haddock fish and chips!

#8 Seattle.  We hop off the boat and take our luggage to the hotel.  Then we head back into town to explore Pikes Market and some Seattle Uniqueness. (the gum tunnel)

And last but not least, our Lyft driver, a 65 year old kind South Korean man, told us Seattle was so busy because of a cowboy music concert.   Madalyn and I asked him who was preforming?  He had no idea.  Maddy did a quick search and said, "Mom...... It's George Strait, Chris Stapleton, and Litttle Big Town!"  Our driver had never heard of them.   How do you live in America for 41 years and not know George Strait?  Oh my!!!!  Some upper seats remained and we quickly purchased! It was delightful!  

And then a 4:30 am shuttle ride to a very busy airport and we said our goodbyes. What an absolute treat to spend an entire week with my Madalyn in her 23rd year.  I feel so lucky :)  Thank you Maddy!