June 1, 2023

A Weekend Quilt Getaway

A jaunt up to North Carolina and Georgia.

A Weekend Quilt Getaway

I've had May 27th on my calendar for a while.  One of my favorite young quilters was having an open house up in Black Mountain, NC and I thought if we were free, it would be a great time!

We arrived to find 50 degree weather and needed to quickly buy DJ a few jackets.

Then we headed to dinner at Pure and Proper.  An old auto shop turned into a gourmet dining experience.  Unique and Delicious!

The little quilt shop was open from 11 to 5 on Saturday.  A beautiful display of modern quilts and old ladies shopping :)

I loved seeing her patterns and the quilting that had been done on them.

And then I had an exciting time finding some purchases!

And then we shopped the little town!

My friend Lisa had recommended the Omni in Asheville for Sunday Brunch.  We had no idea what to expect.  You can Imagine how fun it was for us to wind around a wooded mountain bend and see this!  

The meal was amazing!

The power went out while we were there, but there was plenty of natural light.

The grounds were stunning!

The next day we traveled down to Northern Georgia.  We stopped in Blue Ridge and tried out a delicious place for lunch! Pokitos!

We rented a cabin in Ellijay, Georgia.  It was darling and beautiful.

Lunch at the back porch bistro in Ellijay.

Exploring the woods on some narley gravel roads!

Another dip in the hot tub and a fun camp fire!  Damon built one heck of a fire!!!

A drive over to Big Canoe, Georgia.  A tasty lunch and beautiful scenery!

A beautiful week!  Once we arrived home, I finished my fish quilt!

I love sewing, and quilting, and exploring, and Damon.