March 17, 2020

A Delivery & A Decision

A Detour in our Malanah Plans.

A Delivery & A Decision

On February 25th we received word from ARV that our Malanah had been delivered!  Mitchell provided us with several great photos from multiple angles!

We were super excited!  We clicked and clicked through each image, and then came to the same questioning conclusion......"Was this the 4x4 Selenite van we had opted for in December?"  

When we ordered the van in April of 2019 we had asked for a 4x4.  Because Mercedes was releasing a new model in 2019 no one knew when a 4x4 chassis would become available, we decided to settle on a 2x4.  

In December two 4x4 vans surprisingly became available from Mercedes.  We were asked if we would like to change our order.  We excitedly jumped at the chance. The van would be one shade lighter than we had hoped for, but the 4x4 clearance and capabilities were so desired!

So as we looked at these fantastically exciting pictures, we questioned..... "Is it high enough?  Is it the lighter color?"

After a few weeks of wondering Damon sent off an email to ask.  A few days later ARV called with the disappointing news.  Nope.  This wasn't the 4x4.  This was our original order.  What would we like to do?

Seems kinda silly to be having such sad feelings about a van, but we were having them:)  The excitement had been drained right out of us.  The original van would work for most of our travel plans, but maybe that 4x4 was worth waiting for?

We decided to submit another chassis order and wait.  How long?  No one knows.

We know that just having the dream has provided some hope and light through some dark days.  So.... we will keep on dreaming about one day enjoying Malanah, make some alternative summer plans, and see what happens with her next year.