September 27, 2021

6 Month Benson

Grandma Mitzi gets invited to the 6 month photo shoot!

6 Month Benson

I find being a grandma so rewarding.  I love being the "out of town grandma" that gets to fly into visit, spoil, and play for a few days.  It's been truly something grand to experience!

Sydney and Logan invited me to attend Benson's 6th month photo shoot in Washington, Missouri.  It was so fun to participate in his newborn photos, I jumped at the opportunity to participate again.

I get picked up from the airport by this cutie❤. I know the stage is probably coming when he might be scared of me...... but it hasn't happened yet :)

I bought him this treat in the airport.  He loves it!

He gets his first haircut and enjoys a banana filled binki and then a bath :)

We drive the hour south to Washington.  Benson needs to nap but is to interested in all the external stimuli, he refuses to give in.  He's a bit cranky, but Dana works her magic and is super flexible with going outside and letting Benson nurse and even take a cat nap.  She's an amazing photographer!

Following the successful shoot, we eat lunch at our favorite pub before heading back.  Benson is full of cuddles.

Over the next 2 days we enjoy regular life.  Lots of pillow talk, walks outside, and bath time!

Reading books, cuddling on the couch, and more bath time:)

I remember as a mom, every once and a while I would look at my child and think...... "Okay, you definently grew last night!"  Benson was laying on Sydney's chest and he was making eyes at me.  I couldn't believe how old he looked!  I snapped this photo.  Sydney couldn't believe it either!

I offer, or Insist ;) on Logan and Sydney going out to dinner the nights I am there.  Benson is easy to tend.  I take a few shots of him and send them to Sydney when she text's and wonders how it is going.

I enjoy my daily chats with DJ.  He is in El Salvador right now soaking up the Bitcoin. I'm so happy for him! He's brave and smart and Loves things that promote individual sovereignty and decentralization.  Bitcoin!

Benson loves going outside on walks.  On this day it is colder and so he wears his bear suit!

I'm working on finishing my Tea Cup quilt.  Benson comes down to check out my progress :).  My last evening in St. Louis I stayed up until 1 am and finished it!  

Scooting around the house, chillin on the grass outside underneath the trees, practicing driving as we enjoy an ice cream treat.  This kid is Busy and Happy!

He's really filled out in the past 2 months!  I believe he has gained 4 pounds. Which doesn't sound like much until you realize he has Increased his weight by nearly 50%.  He loves food!

And we received the pictures back!  They are precious and beautiful!  I'm so happy for Sydney and Logan.  This will probably be their only child and they are really soaking it all in.

Being a part of Benson's life is such a treat!